November 20, 2022


You have a unique voice. While you can’t “find” it, you can train it. The tone of your voice depends on how you think and what you’re doing at any given moment. By following these tips, you can make your voice unique and memorable. Let’s get started! Embrace your voice! It is the most powerful tool you can use to market your products and services. But how do you discover it?

Your voice is unique

Your voice is very unique. Several factors play a role in the sound of your voice. For example, people who tend to speak with a lot of nasality tend to have a more nasal sounding voice. People who tend to speak without much nasality have a more natural, less nasal sounding voice. Having a unique voice has its benefits. You can express yourself freely. People will be able to recognize you by the sound of your voice.

The voice you use will also vary depending on your age. For example, a comedian’s voice in his 20s will sound different from the one in his 40s. You should adjust your voice according to your age and your perspective on life. Chris Rock, for example, didn’t start out by delivering comedic material about the rich neighborhoods of New York. This can also be the case with a nerdy voice.

It’s not something you “find”

Getting into the habit of using your own voice is easier than you think. First, you need to realize that your voice is already inside you. It already exists and is ready to be expressed. It’s not something you can “find” or “get.”

It’s something you can train

The ability to be your own character requires practice, and beyourvoice is something you can train. This practice will help you learn to read with different character voices. It will also train your voice to move through different tones and pitches. Practice will help you open new spaces in your voice, which will eventually translate into better performance. To start training your voice for beyourself, start by reading aloud. In this video, NPR’s Cory Turner demonstrates how to read with different character voices. You will be surprised at how quickly your voice changes after a few days of practice.

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