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How to Log in to HotSchedules


There are several ways to log into HotSchedules. You can sign in using your email or using your Google credentials. In case you forgot your password, you can change it on your HotSchedules account. You can also modify the information of your staff member or change their availability.

Resetting your HotSchedules login

If you’ve forgotten your HotSchedules login password, don’t worry! There are a couple of ways to regain your username and password. The first step is to go to the HotSchedules login page. There, you can enter your email address to confirm your new password. After you’ve confirmed your new password, you can use the link in the confirmation email to reset your password.

You can also use the email address you used to register for HotSchedules to retrieve your login information. Just provide your email address to verify your account and you will receive an email containing your username and password. Be sure to select a new password, since the old one will be useless.

You can also log in using the mobile application. To access HotSchedules on your mobile device, first install the HotSchedules app on your device. Then, go to the menu and enter your login details. Then, hit the “Log In” button to complete the process. Remember that it is possible to forget your login details, so it’s always a good idea to remember them and use them in the future.

Changing your password

If you are having trouble logging into your HotSchedules account, you can easily change your username and password. Make sure that your username and password are unique. If you receive an error message about the username or password not being unique, read the following article to learn how to change it.

You can also change your personal information on HotSchedules. For example, you can change your username, password, security questions, and email address. These changes are made in your user profile. Please note that these are different from the username and password that you use for other websites or applications.

If you have an email address that is not associated with your HotSchedules account, you must request a new welcome sheet. Alternatively, you can contact your manager or support to have your account information reset.

Adjusting your availability

Adjusting your availability in HotSchedules is simple, and can be done with just a few clicks. To begin, you must first login to HotSchedules. Next, click the Availability sub-tab to edit your availability. By default, your availability is set for a week at a time. To change your availability, click the date tile and drag it over your time frame. You can make time frames longer or shorter, and even split them up.

The Availability Report can be used to view the availability of individual employees. This report shows the dates and times that employees have logged in to HotSchedules. However, it doesn’t display previous availability changes. To find specific reports, you can search for them. Once you’ve located the appropriate report, click on the employee’s name to view their log-in details.

If you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can always reset it by following the forgot password process. You can also re-send the activation code that HotSchedules sent to you. Eventually, HotSchedules will change your username to the Global Profile, which is a similar version of your email address.

Modifying a staff member’s information

Modifying a staff member’s information can be done in HotSchedules’s Staff page. There are four subtabs on this page: email address, preferred name, birthdate, and login information. Once you’ve set up your staff member’s login information, you can send them an email. This will also show up in the staff member’s internal messaging inbox.

In HotSchedules, you can terminate employees. If an employee is terminated, they will no longer be able to log in and access their personal account. If you accidentally terminate an employee’s account, report it to HotSchedules Customer Care.

Modifying a staff member’s information can also be done through the OneClickApp. Using this app, you can make changes to team member skills and position assignments. You can also assign additional administrative rights to staff members.

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