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PhoneInfoga – Find Out the Background of a Phone Number


When you want to find out the background of a phone number, you can use a tool such as Phoneinfoga. This open-source, Python-based software gathers information about phone numbers. It can help you find out the details of a phone number, including its carrier, line type, and origin country. It also searches the Internet to look up other resources that can give you more details about that phone number. These resources can be anything from social media footprints to online phone number service providers.

Information-gathering tool for phone numbers

If you are a security professional or are curious about the identity of a particular individual, phone numbers can be a good starting point for your investigations. Phoneinfoga searches a number’s data from a variety of databases to give you clues about who owns the phone. Information such as the carrier of the phone, the owner’s name, address, and any online accounts connected to it can all be retrieved. The phone infoga search tool is free and available to everyone with a web browser.

There are several methods of installing PhoneInfoga on different operating systems. For Linux and MacOS, you can use the binary installation option, while Windows users can install the source code directly. Another method of installing PhoneInfoga is using the Docker-compose file.


Phoneinfoga is a powerful tool for international phone number scanning. The program collects standard data about phone numbers, such as carrier, country, line type, and owner. The data is collected by searching multiple databases. It is a free service, and it supports a variety of formats, including international and VoIP numbers. However, it doesn’t claim to provide verified data. For example, a scan using the Numverify API would be pointless because the IP of the server got blocked by spammers.

Phoneinfoga supports Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Its source code is available on GitHub. You can also install it using Docker, which makes it easier to manage.


Open-source phone in foga is a useful and advanced tool for scanning phone numbers. It uses free resources to extract information such as carrier, location, and line type. PhoneInfoga also uses APIs from OVH, a web hosting company, to identify VoIP numbers. This is a useful feature for those who want to track unknown numbers.

The phone number plays a crucial role in social engineering. It contains vital information about a person, including the carrier and line type, as well as other information pertinent to the person. The phone number will reveal a person’s city, carrier, and country, as well as other relevant information. An open source phoneinfoga platform will enable you to gather all these details using just one phone number.

No source code required

PhoneInfoga is a powerful OSINT tool that scans phone numbers to find out information about their owner. It searches search engines and directory databases for standard information on phone numbers. Users can find out information about the owner of a phone number, carrier, and area code. You do not need to be a developer to use this tool. The Demo instance is available for free, so you can test it out without committing to purchasing the source code.

PhoneInfoga uses open source platforms, APIs, and dorks to automate the process. You can use it on Linux, MacOS, Windows, and many other platforms. Its release page is available on GitHub.

Easy to use

Phone Infoga is an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tool that scans phone numbers using free resources. It uses Search Engine Fingerprinting (SEF) to find out who owns a particular number. It is written in Python and can run on any platform. It can also identify the carrier and country code of a phone number. PhoneInfoga also shows the contents of the phone directory.

PhoneInfoga is an advanced phone number scanning tool. It uses search engines and APIs to gather information on a phone number. It also checks if the phone number is registered with the service provider. It also searches the Internet for footprints associated with the number.

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